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          Celebrating 15 years of think.make.tinker


          Unsure about your summer plans? We offer refunds so you can still book worry free!

          To learn more about how Tinkering School is adapting to Covid-19, please visit our response page.


          Tinkering With Gever

          Join Tinkering School’s founder Gever Tulley and friends for some tinkering wisdom, fun provocations, and lots of laughs as we explore and tinker with common household materials and tools.

          In this one of a kind live show, when things go wrong, the audience gets to see!

          Live Shows @ 3pm PST, Fridays

          Episodes will be recorded and available on our Youtube Channel.

          Come Tinker With Us

          We are excited to offer a wide variety of programs in 2020!

          Summer Camp — After School Programs — Break Camps



          Our Story

          Founded in 2005 by Gever Tulley, Tinkering School believes that kids are more capable than they know, and to prove it, we give them real tools to solve real problems.


          Our Philosophy

          At Tinkering School we believe that kids are more capable than they know, and to prove it, we give them real tools to solve real problems. By learning through doing, we strive to make mistakes and learn from them, collaborate and make friends, and try harder than usual.

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          STAY IN TOUCH

          Join Our Mailing list

          Be the first to hear about new After-school, Weekend Workshops, Day Camps, and Overnight Camp opportunities.

          Reach out

          Email info@tinkeringschool.com if you have any questions, want to get involved, or have a great link to an article about kids being awesome.

          You can call us at (415) 766-7647. It's loud in here, don't be afraid to call twice!

          Tinkering School is a trademark of Tinkering Unlimited and is registered in the US Patent and Trademark Office.

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